IT was a shame to see the popular Splashpad in Gheluvelt Park closed due to “technical problems”.

There are only so many bank holidays per year, and surely it is not beyond the wit of man to make sure someone is on duty to see that it is working, especially on a day like Monday when it was bright, hot and sunny.

It is alright for the Splashpad to come back on for Tuesday, but it won’t be a Bank Holiday by then, and most of the parents who would take their children there will be back at work and unable to enjoy their family day out at this popular attraction.

This Bank Holiday weekend was the perfect time for families to come to Gheluvelt Park and have a good time, but unfortunately those who came for the Splashpad will have been sorely disappointed.

Ree Marissa Rankin summed up the mood when she described her experience of waiting for something to happen when she said: “We have four children and they are irritable.

“We have been waiting so long, we didn’t want to leave because it will probably come on at some point.”