SIR – Robin Walker has reacted vehemently to the six-month delay to the widening scheme on the Carrington Bridge link road. But, annoying as it is, this time will soon pass.

Let us not forget that the real travesty here is how the Carrington Bridge route was allowed to be built so inadequately in the first place.

I can remember my geography teacher way back in the 60s saying ‘Worcester has severe traffic problems because all the traffic funnels down to a single lane bridge, built in the days before cars existed.

Eventually there will be a new modern bridge to allow for more traffic’. Move on 20 years and we got our bridge but, surprise, surprise, another one with single lanes.

How could the city planners have been so short sighted and learned nothing from history?

Or was it just the council being penny-wise and pound-foolish?

I don’t remember the MP of the day, Peter Walker, objecting then.

At least now the delays might mean the job is at last done properly and we get a road and bridge fit for the future.

Sue Clarke