A PROPOSAL to build a new link road which will include a bridge over a railway line has been met with support from councils.

The application, drawn up by Worcestershire County Council is for a 420 metre link road between the A44/B4083 roundabout and the B4083 roundabout either side of the Worcester to Oxford railway line in Pershore.

Council’s have supported the plan, which is currently pending approval from Wychavon District Council, but have made further suggestions. A spokesman from Pershore Town Council said: “Members support this proposal but have asked that Wyre Road be upgraded to take into account the increase in traffic and that a footway is built along Wyre Road from where it currently stops up to the proposed new roundabout.”

The new road is part of a project to tackle traffic in the area which also includes improvements to the A44 Pinvin crossroads junction, such as junction widening and alterations to traffic lights which would reduce the amount of time lights stay on green at Terrace Road (A4104) to make the new link road the main north to south route between Pershore and the A44.

Steve Mitchell, Chairman of Pinvin Parish Council said: “The Council has not yet considered the plans in detail, but are pleased with the whole scheme including the plans for Pinvin crossroads. The only concern is that there is sufficient restriction on traffic turning right from the Worcester direction into Terrace Road/Station Road once the scheme is finished.”

Duncan Heenan, a resident of Kington left a comment on the application: “I support this application as something has to be done to relieve the traffic bottleneck where the A4104 (Terrace Road) meets the A44. My only comment is that the A4104 should have double yellow lines to stop the constant parking on it which makes this heavily used road into an almost permanent single-alternate direction traffic bottleneck.”

The A4104 is the main route between the A44 and Pershore. It is a busy route providing access to both residential and commercial properties as well as to Pershore High School, Pershore Rail Station and (via Racecourse Road) Pershore Trading Estate and Keytec 7 Business Park. A large site to the west of the A4104 has been allocated for housing and it is expected that the A4104 will experience additional pressure in future. The scheme is expected to alleviate pressure at Pinvin crossroads junction.

It is anticipated that construction will begin in July 2019, depending on the approval of the application. The work will take approximately 12 months.

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