ONE of the city's most recognisable and populated wards has historically been a long and tight battle between Labour and Conservatives for a share of its seats.

Cathedral, one of Worcester City Council's three-member wards, is currently held by two Labour councillors - the city's current mayor Cllr Jabba Riaz who himself switched from blue to red in 2013 having been elected as a Conservative and Labour's current parliamentary candidate for Worcester Cllr Lynn Denham.

The Conservative's Cllr Allah Ditta, who holds the third seat, hopes to be re-elected when voters go to the polls a week today (May 2).

Recent elections, including those involving Cllr Ditta, have often been very close between Labour and Conservatives.

Cllr Ditta was elected with a majority of just 23 in 2011 but boosted that majority slightly in 2015 when he fought off Labour’s Adam Scott to be re-elected and secure his seat with 1,899 votes compared to Labour’s 1,760.

Despite Cathedral ward historically being a two-horse battle, voters in the highly populated and highly ethnically diverse ward which is home to the building that gives it its namesake as well as the High Street and the rest of the city centre, have plenty of options with UKIP, Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates all standing.

The Green Party vote in Cathedral has stayed in the 200s for the last two elections – with 237 votes in 2018 one vote less than 2016’s 238 votes – having peaked at 652 votes and finishing third in 2015 but still more than a thousand votes behind Labour.

UKIP’s Hazel Finch also returns again in Cathedral ward where she finished in last place in 2018 with 96 votes. Support for UKIP in Cathedral ward has declined in recent years with 2018’s 96 votes the lowest it has been in recent years – dropping from 537 votes in 2015 to 216 votes in 2016.

Ken Carpenter returns again to represent the Liberal Democrats having done so in 2018 when he came in fourth with 163 votes.


I am an experienced councillor having served on Malvern Hills District Council for eight years, where I was chairman of the admin and finance Committee, and on Worcester City Council for four years.

In my professional life, I have belonged to a varied team developing and improving an airborne collision avoidance system that is now carried by nearly all passenger aircraft.

I am standing for election in Cathedral so that natural Liberal Democrats can cast a positive vote for their politics: personal responsibility; generosity to others; freedom and equality.

These values would govern my decisions as a councillor.

I would work to ensure that Worcester City Council protects and enhances Worcester as a fine place to live. I believe that being a councillor is about more than providing a range of services, important though that is.

Local government should be about more than counting pennies.


I have been standing up for our community on Worcester City Council for 19 years.

I live in the heart of Worcester along with my wife, children and grandchildren.

We experience the same local issues as you and working with partners we are making the changes that you want to happen.

From tackling nuisance parking, cleaning up litter and mess, fixing pot holes and tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

You can join other local residents in Worcester by voting for me on Thursday 2nd May.

I will protect our local services and continue stand up for local people on Worcester City Council.


Cathedral ward is more or less the heart of Worcester city. How it is run has a resounding effect on the neighbouring wards which means it needs to be run efficiently and effectively.

As usual, the local councillors tend to follow their own agenda and their national or party issues, rather than those of locals.

Cathedral needs to be led by councillors who do as the voters wish, and that’s what you’ll get if you vote for me as your Councillor.


I have lived and worked in Worcester for the last 20 years. I love the city and the people in it.

During this time I have worked in homelessness, substance misuse and counselling services. Like many people I want to work to reduce suffering, in my work and in society.

It is my belief that the climate emergency is already causing trauma and suffering, here and around the world and we still have time to change.

I am really hopeful about the Green Party's determination to improve public transport, cycling and walking routes.

We can improve air quality, increase a sense of community and care for our most vulnerable. We can create a local economy that benefits all us in Worcester city.

I have two children who attend a local primary school and I want pass on to their grandchildren a town and a planet that will still be habitable. For me the Green Party offers that possibility.


Worcester has something for everyone. A great heritage offer, a vibrant music and cultural scene, great local shops, wonderful parks and open spaces. Much of what we all love about Worcester is at the heart of Cathedral Ward.

I want all residents to have the chance to enjoy living in or near the city centre to the full. For our streets and pavements to be easy to get around; for all the diverse communities in Cathedral ward to be able to enjoy what Worcester has to offer and not to feel excluded or that it’s ‘not for them’.

I want local businesses to thrive and be able to provide good, well paid jobs and for all residents to have a decent roof over their heads.

If elected, I will work to achieve this, making sure that local residents are fully involved in shaping the future of our wonderful city.