IT might not look like it now but Claines was once a hotspot for Liberal Democrat councillors in the Guildhall.

For a time, the party held all the seats in this leafy three-member ward, but recent results have thrust Conservatives into prominent positions.

With no Liberal Democrat councillor currently sitting on Worcester City Council, Claines could prove to be the party’s best chance of gaining one on May 2 having run Conservative candidates very close in recent years.

Liberal Democrat Mel Allcott, who polled 1,093 votes last year a mere 62 behind winning Conservative candidate Stuart Denlegh-Maxwell, returns to fight again.

In fact, the Liberal Democrats have finished second in the last five elections having last won a seat in 2011 through Liz Smith.

It is worth noting that when Andy Stafford and Mel Allcott last came head-to-head in 2015, the Conservative candidate came out triumphant with 2,115 votes – more than 1,000 votes ahead of his Liberal Democrat rival.

Labour’s chance of shaking up the Tory-dominated ward has been put in the hands of Saiful Islam, who has previously stood twice – unsuccessfully – in city council elections in St Stephen ward.

The Green Party also has a new candidate in the shape of Stephen Dent who takes over from Peter Robinson who had contested the seat for a number of years.

In a battle that has been dominated by Conservative and Liberal Democrat candidates, the Green Party has managed to pick up some votes – peaking with 394 in 2015 – but has remained solidly in last place behind UKIP and Labour in recent years with 2018 being the only anomaly.

It has been much the same for UKIP who have lingered in fourth place in recent elections and returning candidate Mark Hulme polled only 42 votes in last year’s election in Claines.


Active and busy all year round, working on a volunteer basis for Claines and Worcester, I have much to offer as a councillor.

Engaging with a variety of public, private and charitable organisations, I have made significant positive progress for the community.

My main priorities are to protect green spaces and oppose inappropriate development, improve pavements and roads and reduce traffic congestion.

Other priorities include supporting employment and businesses, investing in community policing to address crime and anti-social behaviour, and supporting the libraries and archive service.

Vote for me and I will work to reduce congestion, by campaigning for better bus services and a city wide park and ride.

I will endeavour to prevent inappropriate development and protect green spaces.

I will campaign for improvements to health, social care and education.


I have lived in Worcester since 2001 and brought up my children here. I work as a professional negotiator and also write an award-winning food blog. I was instrumental in setting up Worcester Food Rescue, which collects food from supermarkets for distribution to local good causes, and I volunteer at Worcester Community Gardens at Old North Stables, Pitchcroft, where we show people how to grow their own food.

To promote healthier lifestyles I would like to see the council implementing measures to curb traffic congestion and pollution, and doing more to enable safe walking and cycling.

Diglis footbridge opened up new routes for these activities, and I support the similar initiative proposed in the north of the city.

In Worcester, the Greens have shown there is a better way for local politicians to conduct business by encouraging collaboration across political boundaries.

If elected I would support this approach, to help identify those solutions that work best for Worcester’s citizens.


Claines is a unique and wonderful area and I have lived here for many years. There is so much growth going on that is good for the local economy.

However, do we really need to keep packing in new-build houses like sardines, over every green space that comes available? There are brownfield areas and old factory sites all over the city.

So what if it costs a bit more to clean them up first?

Councillors act in party and self-interest all the time and lip service is paid to locals when it comes to planning decisions like this.

Even small things like potholes and pavement issues seem to be delayed all year round... Until a month before an election and its campaign time.


I have lived in Worcester for many years now, bringing up my family here and running a popular restaurant in Astwood Road. In my spare time, I play badminton and run a local badminton league.

I believe it is important for local businesses to give something back, which is why my restaurant is working closely with Maggs, providing free meals for Worcester’s many homeless people through my ‘Local Love’ project.

Claines ward has the benefit of good schools, beautiful local parks and open spaces and easy access to excellent sports facilities. It is a lovely place to live.

But traffic congestion and problems with parking in residential streets remain a problem and, for too many, loneliness and isolation have been made worse by cuts to bus services.

If elected, I will tackle these issues and be a strong voice for local people who struggle to be heard.


As city councillor for Claines ward over the last four years I have been very active and responsive to residents’ needs and concerns.

I have always tried my best to help residents resolve their issues, I believe the main role of a councillor is ensuring that residents get the services that they deserve, and that is exactly what I have done.

I understand that for many people, when it comes to local elections, politics is not the priority - you just want to know that you have a councillor that you can rely upon, a councillor who will be there when needed and who will be a strong voice for local residents.

I hope that I have proved to residents that I am one of those councillors and politely request that you support me in the upcoming elections so that I can carry on delivering for you.