A HEARTBROKEN mum says her unborn baby died at Worcester's hospital because she was "neglected" for 14 hours while in labour.

Natalie Duffy says she was ignored at Worcestershire Royal Hospital despite “begging” for fluids, which caused her to dehydrate.

Miss Duffy, aged 35, added: “My partner was begging doctors to give me something. I was receiving no fluids and was very dehydrated. I was hallucinating, and I felt like there were bubbles in my stomach. I kept telling doctors I did not feel right but they all ignored me.

“The only time someone came to help was when my daughter’s heart stopped.”

Dehydration caused Miss Duffy to fall seriously ill and so doctors placed her in an induced coma. She was unconscious for 48 hours and claims the situation led to the death of her unborn child, Lainey.

Miss Duffy said: “The doctors failed to realise my organs were failing. I was put into a coma as I was left so long dehydrated – I almost died myself.

"I woke up from the coma and my baby had already died. She was wrapped up in hospital clothes besides me.

“My baby’s heart stopped inside of me. I am living in guilt as I couldn’t save my daughter’s life and it is eating me up inside. I don’t want to live anymore.”

Miss Duffy claims that doctors informed her that Lainey would need a small amount of body tissue taken to sample for an autopsy to help determine the cause of her death. However, she claims that a full post-mortem was carried out instead, which the family only found out about when they discovered the scarring while dressing Lainey.

She added: “I just wish we had a bit of warning as it came as a big shock when we were dressing her. She has scarring on her chest and the back of her head from where they did the autopsy."

The family took Lainey home for a month after leaving the hospital and kept her in a cuddle cot, which allowed them to spend time with her before the funeral service on February 14.

Miss Duffy said: “I can still smell her on me. I carry a bag with all of her things inside – her blanket, the outfit she wore at the hospital and her ashes, which I cannot leave the house without.

“Everyone keeps telling me my baby is a superhero and she has died to raise awareness and help other babies

“It is like I am living a bad nightmare. We are in the dark. I feel absolutely lost – I need answers about what happened to her.”

Miss Duffy, who has three other children and lives in Kidderminster, said the trauma has "destroyed her family’s life".

The Trust which runs Worcestershire Royal Hospital has launched an investigation into the incident on January 17.

Dr Suneil Kapadia, chief medical officer at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “We would like to express our sincere condolences to Ms Duffy. While we are unable to discuss specific details relating to patient care for confidentiality reasons, we can confirm we are carrying out a full investigation into Ms Duffy’s care.

"We are in contact with her and her family and the results of the investigation will be shared in full with them.

"In all cases where a post mortem is offered, parents are required to sign a consent form.”