IT is hard to see anything but victory for Labour in St John’s where voters have been consistently electing that party’s councillors for more than a decade now.

St John’s, one of five of the city’s council’s three-member wards, has remained firmly loyal to Labour since 2008 and despite the Conservatives remaining the closest challenger to Labour and performing well in surrounding wards – particularly Bedwardine and St Clement - anything over than another victory for Labour would come as a shock.

With all three councillors holding seats in St John’s for a number of years now, it is the turn of Councillor Richard Udall, who also represents the area as a county councillor, to seek re-election having gained a majority of 544 four years ago.

The other two Labour councillors have all been re-elected with sizeable majorities including Cllr Matt Lamb who was re-elected with a majority of 463 last year and Cllr Chris Cawthorne who was re-elected 568 votes ahead of the Conservatives in 2016.

Chris Rimell is standing for the Conservatives having stood in Rainbow Hill in 2018 when he lost out to Labour’s Tom Collins.

The future of St John’s library, empty shops and the redevelopment of the High Street, congestion in and out of the city, the lack of a completed ring road and with the ‘village in the city’ being right on the door step of the ever-expanding University of Worcester, the rise in student accommodation and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) all remain major issues.

Owen Cleary, current chairman of UKIP in Worcester, stands for the first time in St John’s having come third in Bedwardine in 2015 and having twice failed in Warndon to grab a seat in the Guildhall.

Sarah Dukes is also standing for the Green Party in St John’s for the first time.

Socialist candidate Mark Davies returns to contest the seat again having done so in the last six elections.


I've lived in Worcester for many years now but am tired of the way the area west of the river is neglected.

The university needs funding but St John's is so much more than just that.

Infrastructure investment is needed as a priority in the St John shopping area, to ensure it is not just a rat run for those passing through.

A river bridge north of Worcester would allow traffic to flow properly around the city and bring vital income in to the ward. This would enable St John's to be properly opened up as a shopping and meeting area, to create jobs and consumer confidence.

Repairs to roads and paths would then have a direct purpose and encourage local confidence.

A vote for me is a vote for common sense and straight talking. I will act and vote only in the interests of my constituents of St John's.


The Socialist Party wants more public housing. The university’s ‘dash for growth’ is leaving locals behind and many debt laden students facing exorbitant rents to make large profits for developers.
Our schools and hospitals lack the resources they need.
We hope to convince people socialist planning in the interests of the majority could mean we can both protect our environment and ensure everyone has a decent life.
The Socialist Party wants the council to adopt a legal no cuts budget, freezing council tax and making prudential use of reserves, link up with other authorities to campaign for restoration of government funding and calls on Labour leaders to pledge to reimburse reserves spent, or borrowing undertaken, defending local communities in this way.


Climate breakdown is the pressing issue of our time and the Greens are the only party committed to fixing the future of our planet. This is a chance to secure a bigger voice for the environment and social justice.

I’ve lived in Worcester with my husband and two children since 2005. I am an English teacher and eco co-ordinator at a Malvern high school.

The Greens have already made an impact by increasing solar panel installations, working on new cycling and walking infrastructure and planting more trees. This helps ease traffic, protects open spaces and ensures better air quality.

You can keep up this momentum by voting for a party who are prepared to put the environment first, offering viable alternative solutions that will bring change.


If I have the privilege of being your councillor I will work hard to ensure all residents’ views are listened to and heard. I want to show you what a positive difference having a Conservative representative will make.

Worcester has been my home for the past 25 years and I am very proud to be part of our great city. It’s where my wife and I work and where my daughter went to school.

I am a local business man with much of my life in international trade working alongside diverse groups to come together to address problems and make a difference. I now want to make a difference in St John and ensure your needs are fairly represented.

I shall be working to ensure your council is always accessible and will provide your services in the most efficient way.


St John’s is my home, where I was born, brought up and where I have lived all my life.I want the best for everyone who lives in our community and will continue to defend, protect and promote St John’s.

I am determined St John’s will continue to be a great place to live and work, with a range of local shops and services.

We need to complete the ring road to take traffic away from our congested streets and we need better public transport. I will continue my campaign to save St John’s library and to bring back local services such as a post office and a family pub for Dines Green.

We must return the fun to St John’s. People need leisure facilities and play areas and entertainment. We should protect our green spaces and parks for people to enjoy.