A LIVE action experience is coming to Worcester created by the makers of the award-winning Halloween event Evil Rising.

Unlike the event during Halloween, Wanted, is less scare, blood and gore and more full-on high-adrenalin fun. Surrounding the whole of Worcester city centre, teams of up-to four people will have to find way points, solve clues and also carry out missions.

Scott Jenkins, one of the founding creators of the event said: “We are so excited about this event. It’s a full two hours where the teams won’t know who to trust and what might be waiting for them around the next corner.

“If you’ve seen the TV program Hunted then you know what to expect. We have built a mobile app to accompany the game which will allow us to feed clues to the teams as well as them upload the evidence they find to prove their innocence”.

Evil Rising first appeared on the Halloween calendar in 2012 and after a short break returned last year for a sell-out event.

Co-founder James Newman added: “We wanted to do something out of the Halloween season. I’m a massive fan of Hunted so this is close to my heart. We’ve got an amazing cast of actors and operational team who work tirelessly to make each event a success.”

For more information on the event which will take place on Saturday, May 18 visit the website www.evilrising.co.uk.