THE Green Party is plotting to make more history in St Stephen this week – a ward that has proved very fruitful for the party in recent years – as it looks to bag its third city councillor and paint the ward completely Green.

But whilst it would be a huge victory for the Greens, claiming a second seat in the ward would be no easy task.

Thwarting the push is current and long-serving Conservative Cllr Gareth Jones who is looking to be re-elected to a seat he has held for the last eight years and an area he has represented for almost a quarter of a century.

With a St Stephen councillor already each sitting in the Guildhall and County Hall, the Green Party has ploughed its resources behind campaigner Marjory Bisset to get elected.

Neil Laurenson made history in 2012 as the first Green to be elected to Worcester City Council and Cllr Matthew Jenkins was elected to County Hall a year later.

The Greens pushed current councillor Gareth Jones very close in 2015 when the long-standing Conservative came out on top by just 92 votes.

As always, Worcester City FC's plan to build a new football stadium in Perdiswell remains an issue as does congestion in Bilford Road.

Whilst it is likely to be a two-horse race between Green and Conservative, a further four candidates are contesting the seat.

Labour's Ruth Coates is hoping to build on the 151 votes Saiful Islam received to finish last three years ago whilst a Liberal Democrat candidate in the form of Karen Lawrance is standing in the ward for the first time in many years.

UKIP's Tim Hopkins is also standing alongside Paul Hickling who represents the newly-formed Democrats and Veterans Party.


I moved to Worcester in 2014 and I have recently retired from my career as a freelance copy-editor. I was a parish councillor for five years in Berkshire.

I will represent the residents of St Stephen actively, seeking their views by knocking on doors year-round and keeping in touch through regular newsletters.

I will tackle the problems that beset the local environment such as litter and broken pavements.

I will work to improve public transport and cycling and walking facilities, to ease traffic congestion and improve air quality.

l want to see more transparency in local government, and more co-operation between the parties. I believe we must not lose sight of the bigger picture – the need to act now to keep the worst effects of global warming and depletion of natural resources at bay.


Moving from Birmingham three years ago, I was struck how clean Worcester is and safe it feels to walk around. These things need to be valued and maintained. We cannot do this with increasing pressure on budgets and unacceptably low levels of policing.

We need a council that makes life better for all, supporting those without a home to find safe and secure housing, investing in our environment to ensure the city continues to be clean and maintaining our wonderful parks.

Worcester needs to be given back to the pedestrian by reducing speed limits on roads, lobbying for better public transport and investing in safer routes.

Life should be joyous and for too many it is hard. This is not right. We are all in this world together and Worcester should work for the many and not the few.


I have lived in St Stephen since 2012 and I am familiar with the local issues within the ward.

The Democrats and Veterans Party is a new party that was started just over a year ago mainly by a group of ex-servicemen who were fed up with the political establishment in this country that is no longer fit for purpose.

We are a pro-Brexit party that is committed to an independent UK that serves its people.

We offer direct democracy which gives you a direct say on decisions that affect you locally.

Traffic congestion and cars speeding within the ward keeps coming up in conversation when I talk to people on the doorstep and I will tackle these problems and many others head on if you elect me to serve you on the city council.


I was a telecoms engineer before working for social services with people with learning disabilities, alongside work for the youth offending service in Worcester.

I'm concerned the city is a test-bed for 5G and fear it could threaten our environment. The frequencies are the same as those used by the military and its need is a moot point.

There's a lack of impact studies on wildlife or worse, transparent risk assessments on possible health implications for residents.

The never-ending building project that is the SWDP also worries me. More green spaces are swallowed up and rushed planning and poor infrastructure results in unhappy residents.

If elected, I will ensure the views of residents trump those of councillors and their party agendas.


I have been serving Barbourne, Perdiswell and St Stephen for 24 years. In 1998 I helped our community with the floods on the Blanquettes estate and I keep a watch on the water levels of the Astwood and Barbourne Brook.

I was born in Victoria Street in Worcester and have lived locally for over 60 years. I have raised two children here and both attended local schools. I was also a school governor for 16 years and chairman of the 5th Sea Scouts.

Working with the community I have helped hundreds of people with various issues.

This election is crucial for our community. Since 2012 our ward has had Green councillors. Every year they promise to improve the Bilford Road and Astwood Road junction but fail to deliver. Residents are backing me because I get the job done.


I lived in St Stephen’s for 22 years before marrying and moving to Claines.

As a divorced mother working as a professional engineer I understand the many challenges faced by individuals and recognise the need for respect and representation.

I combine my engineering role with the role of quality auditor which means I am rigorous in my analysis of facts to ensure high standards are maintained and if elected I would want to achieve the same high standards for residents.

My priorities would be improving flood defences as our family home was flooded three times, reducing congestion, particularly around the Bilford Road tip, pedestrian safety and open spaces and exercise for all abilities to promote healthy living.