WARNDON Parish North has been very kind to the Conservatives in recent years but victories for each of the ward’s two seats have not always been completely comfortable for the Tories – with, of course, the odd exception.

The ward will undoubtedly have a new councillor come May 3 following the announcement Councillor Alan Feeney would not be fighting for re-election after one term and would be leaving for pastures new.

In a number of battles between the Conservatives and other parties for a seat in recent years, Cllr Alan Feeney’s victory in 2015 was undoubtedly the pick of the bunch when he bagged a whopping 907 vote majority.

With Cllr Feeney not around to fight again, the Conservatives have put its faith in the hands of Nida Hassan to follow in his footsteps.

Development in and around Warndon, particularly housing on green space, remains a huge talking point as ever.

A couple of candidates who contested the election last year against Conservative candidate Cllr Stephen Hodgson have returned this year hoping to claim a victory.

Labour organiser Andy Graham returns having finished second in 2018 when he pushed his Conservative rival fairly close.

In the most recent election, Cllr Hodgson saw his majority drop from 334 votes to 142.

Liberal Democrat Sarah Murray also returns having finished third last year – albeit 500 votes behind second placed Labour.

Jane Moorhouse is standing for the Green Party hoping to build on a third place finish last year. Andrew Cross, who is standing this year in neighbouring Warndon Parish South ward, picked up 196 votes.

UKIP put up a big fight and came in second in its first attempt in the ward back in 2014, increasing its vote but finishing third a year later but has since seen its share of the vote drop significantly to just 27 last year. Chris Roberts, general secretary for UKIP in Worcester, is standing this time.


I have lived locally in Lyppard Wood Green for several years and have grown to love The Villages, the people who live here and our amazing green spaces. We need to protect it better.

As a professional ecologist and environmentalist, I am able to help with that. I have led wildlife walks around local woods and meadows and heard your views on how development in and around The Villages should always protect the environment, not damage it. I will fight for a city-wide Green Plan that protects all our green spaces.

The Villages have been blighted by boy racers and our roads and supermarket car park are not appropriate for this. I will continue to lead the fight to end this anti-social activity.

You can count on me to speak up for The Villages.


As the mother of a young child, a local resident, and someone who runs a family business in Worcester, I am passionate about ensuring that Worcester is a fantastic place to raise a family, and a place businesses will want to invest in.

With my background in planning and development with a special emphasis on sustainable development, one of my key ambitions is to make Warndon Parish North and the city more sustainable and environmentally friendly for our future generations.

I have the energy, qualifications and most importantly commitment to work hard and hold Worcester City Council to account, to make sure it’s a council that works for everybody and to ensure Warndon Parish North residents’ concerns are heard.


I have lived in Worcester for five years supporting my community by organising events and campaigns and establishing a community garden.

During that time I have witnessed a period of stagnation in decision making as the two main political parties battle for control.

The emergence of the Green Party in Worcester has demonstrated how much more can be achieved when parties work together rather than tear each other apart.

Our old style of politics needs to change; the Green Party is a conduit for this.

Perhaps it is time to ask aspiring politicians what they have already achieved rather than what they plan to do when elected.


I am a teacher in adult education which means I work in the heart of our community with a diverse range of individuals from various backgrounds giving me the best insight in to their needs.

If elected, I would campaign for an equal, progressive society which enables all members of the community to participate and fulfil their goals by providing an adequate infrastructure with sufficient affordable housing, reliable transport links and excellent, accessible education for all. I would protect the green spaces which are highly valued in Warndon.

Living and working in Warndon, I love Worcester. Our historic city is an attractive destination for tourists, families and businesses. With the right people making the right decisions we can build a strong local economy which benefits everyone.


I was born, raised and educated in Worcester. If elected I won’t vote to increase council tax or councillor allowances.

With several current councillors representing ward and county seats, a root and branch overhaul is required, to create a single efficient tier, a unitary authority.

We must end the destruction of our green belt. Labour and Tory councillors vote time and again to build on the greenbelt with the promise that a few houses will be set aside for social housing, as justification. We need family homes built on brownfield sites, the city doesn’t need more one bed apartments or rabbit hutches built on green spaces.

We must also keep public assets free. The Tory plan for parking charges at Worcester Woods is a disgrace. Vote for UKIP and I’ll fight to keep public assets free.