VOTERS will be going to the polls to elect representatives for Droitwich Town Council and Wychavon District Council on Thursday (May 2).

Currently, all but one of 13 Droitwich seats on the district council are held by Conservatives with Councillor Margaret Rowley the sole Liberal Democrat.

It is a similar picture at the town council with Labour's Alan Humphries the only patch of red in a sea of 15 blue seats.

In Droitwich Central, the first of the five town's wards, Labour's Alan Humphries, Chas Murray from the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative's John Hartley are all looking to secure a seat.

Two seats in Droitwich East will be taken either by Eric Bowden and Alex Sinton from the Conservatives and Wendy Carter from the Liberal Democrats.

The battle for two seats in Droitwich South East will be fought by Cllr Richard Morris from the Conservatives who is looking to be re-elected as well as fellow Conservative John Grady, Neil Franks and Jane Zurek from the Green Party and Stephanie Vale and John Littlechild from the Liberal Democrats.

Two more seats in Droitwich South West are up for grabs with Paul Wiseman and Adrian Key representing the Liberal Democrats and Matthew Hartley and David Morris representing the Conservatives.

In Droitwich West, Cllr George Duffy is looking to be re-elected for the Conservatives alongside Labour's Valerie Humphries and Seth Pearson, Rod Hopkins from the Liberal Democrats and fellow Conservative Jenny Chaudy.

In Lovett and North Claines, Thomas Coe and Judith Cussen from the Liberal Democrats, Sheila Grant for the Green Party and the Conservative’s Nicolas Wright are all battling it out against Cllr Tony Miller who is looking to be re-elected.

In Bowbrook, Conservative Bob Brookes, who has represented Droitwich Spa East for the last eight years, is battling it out with veteran Liberal Democrat Cllr Margaret Rowley.

George Smart for the Liberal Democrats and Christopher Day from the Conservatives are battling it out in a two-horse race for a seat in Ombersley.

At Droitwich Town Council, Labour’s Alan Humphries and Nathan Griffiths are both looking to bag the two seats for Droitwich Central alongside the Conservative’s John Hartley. Cllr Roy Murphy is not standing.

Matthew Hartley and David Morris are standing for the Conservatives in Chawson with Chas Murray for the Liberal Democrats and Labour’s Mary Neville also standing.

Cllr Sandy Laird is standing in Droitwich East for the Conservatives having previously stood in Chawson with Cllr Richard Morris looking to hold onto his seat. Becky Littlechild is also standing for the Conservatives.

In Droitwich East, Cllr Bill Moy, who previously won in Copcut, and Cllr Alex Sinton, who won in Chawson, are standing for the Conservatives, alongside Cllr Bob Brookes and Cllr Chris Bowden. Eve Freer is standing for Labour.

Cllr Karen Tomalin and Cllr Jan Bolton are not standing again.

In Droitwich West, Jan Shepherd and Valerie Humphries are standing for Labour whilst Jenny Chaudry and Mark Craigie are standing for the Conservatives alongside colleagues Cllr Allan Roberts and Cllr George Duffy. Ann Hickman and Rod Hopkins are standing for the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Laurie Evans and Cllr Shaun Best are not standing this year.

In Witton, Cllr Graham Beale is looking to be re-elected for the Conservatives with a seat left vacant by Cllr Tom Noyes who is not standing. Eric Bowden also stands for the Conservatives alongside Adrian Key and Paul Wiseman from the Liberal Democrats.