WARNDON Parish South much like its sister ward to the north is a Conservative stronghold and has consistently returned Tory councillors with large majorities.

In 2018, Cllr Andy Roberts held onto his seat by 414 votes and Cllr Lucy Hodgson, who is looking to be re-elected this year, came out on top in 2015 by a huge 883 votes having built on a majority of 555 in 2011. Both councillors have received more than half of the vote in the last four elections one of them has contested - with Cllr Hodgson receiving 61 per cent of the vote in 2011.

Cllr Hodgson also has an important role as cabinet for member for communities as a county councillor and currently chairs the city council's place and economic development subcommittee.

Labour has been the main challenger to the Conservatives in Warndon Parish North but has yet to get anywhere close enough to claim a seat.

Last year, Labour’s Christine Young received 406 votes to finish second but was still more than 400 votes behind the Conservatives.

This year it is the turn of young Labour campaigner James Linsey to try and break the Conservative stronghold on the ward.

Andrew Cross is standing for the Green Party having been elected to Warndon Parish Council last year. Mr Cross also stood in neighbouring ward Warndon Parish North in the 2018 local elections.

Phil Clarke is standing for UKIP, a party that has usually finished in third place but much like Labour a long way from causing any damage to the Conservative's lead.

Steve Mather returns to fight for the seat as a Liberal Democrat having stood in the ward against Cllr Andy Roberts last year - picking up 81 votes.

Warndon Parish South is dominated by modern housing estates so further development, congestion and parking remain issues as always.

The further edges of the ward include land between the A4440 and the M5 which means the growth of the city as part of housing, industry, retail and office space all has an affect on the ward.

The massive Nunnery Way development also sits to the south of the ward.


We need to re-evaluate the creeping housing development all over Worcester.

Green fields are sacrificed because developers and the council won’t pay or wait for the clean-up of brownfield sites.

Poor planning has already caused problems at roundabouts all over the east of the city.

We still don’t have a proper ring road 20 years after the chatter began.

We must go back and ensure we are doing the right thing for residents.

The views of residents are paramount, they are not something to be paid lip service. Have your say.

Vote for a change. UKIP has no whip and I will vote only in the interests of residents.


My wife and I moved to Warndon Villages 19 years ago and I have worked here ever since. Over the past few years, I have become increasingly involved in trying to improve things for our area: planning, sustainable economic development, transport and air quality - these are all interlinked and need attention.

If elected, I will listen to residents and work with people of all political and religious beliefs, for the benefit of our communities, the environment and for the sustainable economic prosperity of Worcester.

I will help create a plan to protect our valuable urban woodlands and green spaces.

We can make a big difference if we work together in a positive way and don’t waste time, energy and public money in point-scoring.


I have always spoken up for what is important to you all locally.

My three main priorities for this election are tackling anti-social behaviour and crime by working with partners, including the local police team, to help make us all feel safer.

I will protect our precious green spaces and support the updating of local play areas from unwanted development. I welcome the work done on the Pirie and Trotshill play areas and will lobby for more funds to be made available to continue refurbishing our local parks.

Demanding that all our streets are kept clean, particularly where parking is an issue.

I am particularly pleased that we have secured funding for extra street cleansing, particularly for the Harleys. Alongside this we will be arranging periodic Saturday deep cleans across the area.

With your support I will speak up for your needs and challenge decisions if you think they are wrong.


I was born and have lived all my life in the Warndon Villages. I became interested in politics at a young age, in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

It seemed an incredible injustice to me that working, poor and disabled people should pay the price for damage done to us by fast and loose financial practices. We are still paying the price, with cuts to public services affecting so many in Worcester.

This is a superb area to live in, especially with our green spaces and wildlife but we are not without our problems. Many have concerns over development, traffic, anti-social behaviour and public safety as well as loneliness and struggling to pay rent.

I want to be your councillor to fight against these injustices and provide hope that there is a better way of doing things locally.


I'm an Oldham lad who settled in Worcester in 2011. I have come to love life in the city, with its mix of historic and modern life blended with green spaces and waterways.

I was attracted to the Lib Dems by their sense of fairness. Our constitution states that no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

I joined the Worcestershire Pride committee helping to deliver a well-received Pride and Worcestershire's first ever Pride Parade. I am also a committed Remain activist.

Standing in Warndon Parish South for my second year I want to use this opportunity to help safeguard green spaces and improve local democracy by promoting a positive view of liberal democracy through a mature, co-operative approach with residents.