There is a global campaign to plant a trillion trees. It was recently set up in 2017 as a response to the climate crisis.

Considering that the biggest greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide and that every tree breathes in carbon dioxide, if we really could plant a trillion more trees they would suck the gas out of the sky and convert it into wood.

That really is the safest way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are dozens of more harmful or just plain dangerous ways to remove carbon but we don't want to go there.

One is spraying water droplets into the sky from enormous ships, increasing global cloud cover which reflects more light into space.

Whilst geoengineering might solve the heating problem they can cause dozens more, and we would have to keep them going forever. The minute they stop, suddenly everything gets hot.

All over the world, including several English counties not too far from here, forest groups and community groups have signed up to the Trillion Tree Campaign.

You can pay them or actually go there to help them plant trees, or you can even choose a group from some far-flung corner of the world and pay them to plant trees. It is a form of green outsourcing as it costs less to do it and the carbon is the same.

Though you would be helping somewhere else to have cleaner air when it's our own Deansway and the Tything with the bad air quality.

Some studies have shown that people’s stress levels are lower the more trees they are surrounded by. Growing more trees in itself also means more habitat for wildlife to live in and therefore more biodiversity, so it’s a multiple win.

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