A JUDGE told a man who admitted street dealing cannabis that he was only just avoiding prison, but warned he might not be as lenient if he saw him again.

Jack Evans cried in the dock when he was told his prison sentence had been suspended, but he would face an eight month curfew.

Last month the 20-year-old admitted being concerned in making an offer to supply a controlled drug to another between November 2017 and June 2018, and a further charge of possession of class B in June last year.

And Evans returned to Worcester Crown Court yesterday for his sentencing.

Amanda O’Mara, prosecuting, said on June 11 police were called to Evans’ former home, where he had lived with his mother and while there they searched the property.

Miss O’Mara explained officers found cannabis and drug paraphernalia including more than £300 in cash and resin bags and, in interview later said the cannabis was for his personal use.

When the prosecutor mentioned about mobile phones found, judge Andrew Lockhart QC interjected: “I have read the messages on them - an eighth here, an eighth there. He didn’t tell the truth (in the interview).”

Miss O’Mara highlighted his previous convictions that included an assault, and said there was a suspended jail sentence for possession of an offensive weapon - pointing out that Evans was subject to an order with unpaid work, but had completed only one-and-a-half hours, and not attended probation sessions.

Defending Nicholas Berry stressed to the judge that there was in fact only one unauthorised absence, as he had medical notes to explain the others.

But when he argued that Evans was unfit to complete unpaid work, the judge challenged Mr Berry.

“There are many thousands of young men who are anxious and depressed, but who go to work each and every day,” the judge said.

Mr Berry replied: “Every person is different.

"This is a vulnerable young man. There is a lot about him that has come to the surface. He displays immaturity. He is strongly influenced.

“He can go to jail for the first time, but it would do nothing for him at all.”

Mr Berry pointed out Evans had been addicted to cannabis for some time and added his mother wanted nothing to do with him, after the circumstances of his arrest.

Sentencing him, the judge told Evans: “You knew exactly what you were doing (in dealing). You were running a dealing operation, you sold it on the streets.”

The judge said the drug was known to have psychotic effects, which he said could in part have caused Evans’ anxiety and depression.

“You are suffering from mental health problems - I’m afraid very many people deal with their mental health and are able to go to work,” he added.

The judge said he felt the aggravating feature was the length of dealing, which had gone on for seven months, but he had been persuaded to suspend the sentence.

He gave Evans a nine month jail sentence, suspended for 24 months, 30 rehabilitation activity days, and placed him on an eight month curfew.

Judge Lockhart said if there was any future court appearance Evans should be brought before him, adding: “I have made a contract with you - you keep your side you will be fine.”

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