AS I entered the year 3 classroom, it was a pleasant surprise to see the class teacher, Craig Miller, dressed up in a fancy-dress pirate’s outfit. Mr Miller, or Mr Stubble Beard which he was called during the lesson, said: “For the first day back after the Easter holidays it is important to get the pupils excited about coming back to school.

“Every lesson we try to make active and engaging so the children can enjoy themselves. We aim to make them love learning and absorb them into a new topic and build their confidence.

“School be fun, it shouldn’t be dull for the children.”

The pupils were taking part in a quiz and learning all about pirates. The quiz was fun and engaging, as Mr Stubble Beard put on his pirate’s voice throughout the lesson.

Sophia Pantaleo, aged 8, said: “Mr Miller’s lessons are really fun because you get to do lot in his classes. We get to move around and use the iPads. There are lots of Apps on the iPad, so we have an option on how we learn. I like the pirate theme we have. Mr Miller often dresses up in different costumes. We get to use our imagination a lot.”

Rafferty Pearce, aged 8 said: “We enjoy Mr Miller’s lessons because it’s lots of fun. We get to explore our ideas and Mr Miller likes to listen to the ideas we come up with. Mr Miller encourages us to try new things. He always dresses up in funny things.”

The school follows a thematic curriculum, which means different subjects link closely to one another.

The children are encouraged to write in their “Springfield Challenge Book” where the pupils store their adventures. It enables them to raise awareness of the world around them and encourages further independent exploration.

Headteacher of the school in Britannia Square,Worcester, Laura Brown said: “It is such a pleasure to work at RGS Springfield in beautiful Britannia Square. It is a school which really does feel like a family where we all know each other, support and encourage the children to be the best they can be. We aim to develop a quiet confidence, offer endless opportunities and encourage enjoyment and fun in school life.”

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