A PENSIONER claims binmen have been continually damaging the wall outside his home for three years by wheeling his bin into it – but the council refuses to accept any fault.

Michael Butcher said the city council’s motto should be “deny, deny, deny” after his complaints were rebuffed multiple times, with the council suggesting the damage was more likely done by schoolchildren.

The 73-year-old has accused the council of hiding “behind a computer” after a long-running row over email has ended with them saying he has “no evidence” for his claims.

Mr Butcher built the wall himself at his home in Stanley Road some years ago, transforming the crumbling 19th century brickwork into a sturdier turret-like design.

However, in 2016 he first noticed the brick piers on the top course “kept coming loose”.

On September 20 that year he said he saw a binman push the bin “into the nearest hard object” without looking and it hit the top layer of bricks on the turret.

“Suddenly, everything slotted into place,” said Mr Butcher. “I stormed round to the council, but, of course, I couldn’t speak to anybody, you have to speak to someone online.”

Then began a long-running back and forth with two different officers which resulted in his complaint being escalated to stage two this year before the matter was closed.

In one email, technical/professional officer for environmental operations, Lesley Beach, suggested Stanley Road Primary School pupils and people heading to a nearby shop could be at fault.

However, Mr Butcher said, the bricks would need to have been hit with significant force repeatedly to work the mortar completely loose which he has repaired himself three times.

“It was a cheap shot to say it was the local children when I have witnessed it,” he said.

“They [the council] say you’d have to be very precise to damage the wall in this way, but it’s actually the opposite, they [the binmen] are being completely careless.”

He said he was annoyed that in her second stage report, officer Alice Davey said there was no need to speak to him directly as part of the investigation.

“A different person was repeating what the other had said – it’s impossible for the bin men to do it and blamed the school children.

“They say I have no evidence. Is it not enough to witness it? Why can’t they interview the person who saw? I felt so frustrated by the whole thing. They are trying to pass responsibility. I don’t know if they are afraid of the binmen.”

He went on to say: “This is the same council that threatened me with prison if I did not pay my council tax by direct debit instead of a cheque. Small wonder turnout is so low in local elections. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

A city council spokesman said: “We have conducted a thorough investigation in to Mr Butcher’s complaint.

“This included reviewing CCTV footage from cameras attached to our vehicles, visiting the property and interviewing relevant refuse crews.

“The city council has found no evidence of any malicious behaviour or damage caused as a result of activity by our staff.”