A PROPOSED ‘super village’ of 2,500 homes on the edge of Worcester will stretch city infrastructure while providing little revenue, councillors have warned.

Developer Welbeck Strategic Land wants to build the homes on open land between the St Peter’s area and the village of Kempsey, near Norton and Whittington.

The Worcester Urban Extension also includes a hotel, shops, a primary school, a health surgery, businesses, a sports centre, parks and allotments.

The site is mostly within the Malvern Hills district, but also includes parts of Worcester City and Wychavon, and is allocated for development in the South Worcestershire Development Plan.

Councillor Mike Johnson said: “The city's concern has always been and I expect will remain, although they are not going to be Worcester city residents, they will look to Worcester city for services and that usually means a bit of a problem because we won't get any income in terms of council tax.”

Speaking at St Peter’s parish annual meeting last week, Cllr Johnson said one major issue is school provision – though he reiterated that the development is unlikely to be completed for at least 10 years.

The planning application was originally submitted in 2013 and has been the subject of intensive negotiations between the planning authority, consultees and the applicant.

Councillor Roger Knight said the developers agreed to a number of provisions suggested by parish councillors “probably 10 years ago” to help St Peter’s infrastructure cope.

“We thought we'd get a slice of the Section 106 monies as a result of that development, and we were led to believe that we were, and now it looks like we won't.

“But we continually nag to try to get some recognition that there is going to be an impact on Worcester and St Peter's in particular and we've just got to pursue it.”

Cllr Johnson added the plan is to "chop it up" and sell it off to different developers, so until then we "won't see the bare bones."

"There's a community centre, there's a health centre, there's a small run of shops, so in that respect it could be a self-sustaining community," he added.