A 32-year-old man admitted causing actual bodily harm, after changing his plea on the morning of his trial.

Matthew Hoskins had pleaded not guilty to ABH charges at an earlier hearing and an expected two-day trial was scheduled to get under way yesterday morning at court 2 of Worcester Crown Court.

But after the case was put back so that defence solicitor Nicholas Berry could speak to his client, when the trial began, Mr Berry dramatically asked for Hoskins to be rearraigned.

The charge on the indictment, that he committed assault occasioning actual bodily harm on February 23, was put to Hoskins who replied he was guilty. Nicholas Burn, prosecuting, explained the basis of plea was that Hoskins, of Tolladine Road, was accepting the totality of the injuries caused to the victim, Richard House.

Mr Burn said the assault included a number of headbutts to the victim, but the defendant disputed this.

Mr Burn added that Hoskins had previous convictions and having been made aware of the personal features of Hoskins, the parties were anticipating a pre-sentence report.

Mr Berry that addressed the judge saying there was so much the court needed to be aware of about the 32-year-old that the pre-sentence report was needed.

“I have spoken to him – he presents himself as vulnerable,” Mr Berry said.

“There is enough concern there that the court should know more about him.”

Mr Berry said he had initially asked for a six week adjournment, but said he now felt the assessment could be done in a shorter period.

His honour Judge Jim Tindal told Hoskins, who wore a grey top and black trousers, to stand and said: “There is clearly a lot of background about you that needs to be fed into a pre-sentence report.

“The sentence hearing will be heard on Thursday, June 6. Be at the court for 10am.

“Speak to probation before you leave.”

Hoskins was released on unconditional bail.

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