PEOPLE are being encouraged to talk about death as part of a week-long campaign.

As part of the Dying Matters campaign, St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester was outside Worcester Guildhall and Droitwich Library with its giant, four-sided ‘Before I Die’ board – inviting passers-by to share their hopes and ambitions in chalk.

Alice Spearing, engagement officer at St Richard’s, said: “Death and grief are topics many of us shy away from talking about.

“The concept of dying is so emotionally challenging, it can be very difficult to open up with loved ones about it. But, as we all know, dying is a part of life – so why not talk about it.

“Of course, no-one should face this subject alone and we are passionate about supporting each other to feel less frightened or worried about death.

“We can’t wait to get out in the community and start this conversation with people – let’s get talking!”

Worcester News readers were among those talking about the subject of dying.

Pauline Price said: “My funeral will be that everyone wears bright colours and rock and roll music being played all through my wake and if anyone can still dance they must get up and dance.”

Anna Marshall said: “I think there’s less today but it’s still a subject people shy away from, as a society we all need to be open as death is just a part of life.”

While Donna Hope added: “I think it’s the fear of leaving people behind struggling that gets most people.”

The national hospice and palliative care charity, Hospice UK, is behind the campaign, which runs all week.

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