A bee consultant came to the rescue of a distressed motorcyclist in Worcester when his bike was taken over by a swarm of bees.

He was drafted in after the bike owner contacted the police unsure about what to do.

Police community support officer Rukhsana Machin and colleague PC Ian Cadwallader arrived on the scene along with bee expert Michael Collier who happened to be dining nearby at around 8pm on Monday.

Mrs Machin said: “The man was distressed as the bees had got under the cover of the bike and had started building a nest.

“A swarm was circling, attracted by the Queen bee and members of the public were stood around watching - a concern for us in regards to their safety.”

Michael Collier, a leading authority on bee insemination and who runs Cornbrook Bee Farm in Shropshire, used harmless smoke to sedate the bees before capture. They are now safe.

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