Pizza Express has reopened, following a van crashing through the front window.

No arrests have been made and the incident is not being treated with suspicion, according to West Mercia Police.

A man was taken to hospital yesterday after the van he was driving crashed through the window of a city centre restaurant.

The van careened across Cathedral Square, knocking down a bollard and then hitting Pizza Express’s front window at around 8am.

Passersby told paramedics they thought the man had passed out at the wheel before the crash, which shattered a huge glass window on one side of the restaurant and left shards of glass all over the pavement.

Police and firefighters also rushed to the scene to help man.

Dilek Naylor, manager of Knight Frank, which is next door to Pizza Express, described hearing an “almighty bang.”

She said: “I thought, oh my God, what's happening? It just missed our window. I was coming up the stairs and thought some furniture had fallen, it was so loud. Can you imagine if that was the afternoon and people were out having food?”

The crash led to heavy congestion in College Street and delays to drivers.