REPORTER Grace Walton visited Regency High School for her weekly In the Classroom feature. During my school visit, I joined the students and watched a video presentation that was filmed of their recent class trip to Safeside, in Birmingham.

THE trip involved the students visiting a safety centre and gaining knowledge on how they can recognise key risks and dangers.

The safety centres are set up like a film set of everyday situations where visitors can experience risk in a safe environment. These scenarios deliver realistic, scenario-based education in safety and life skills. The students covered a varied of topics such as home safety, fire safety and road safety.

The video was based on a class presentation that the students put together on the different dangers and hazards they were faced with whilst on their trip. The idea of the day was for the students to learn how to stay safe whilst they are out in the community.

Class teacher, Dawn Taylor said: “In this classroom we promote life skills and being aware of basic needs. Such as when we go on a shopping trip to Sainsbury’s we encourage the students to ask members of staff and use the self-check-out. The students pick up healthy snacks and weigh them on the scales. They are a lot more confident after regularly taking part in these visits.

“We do not expect essays from them, but key skills are important for them to get by.”

The ages in the classroom vary as there was a mixed group from 16 to 19-year olds. As the class group size is only small, it allows the teacher to focus and dedicate time on each individual and tailor the lessons to meet everyone's needs.

What stuck out for me was the cohesion and how well the students worked together. If one person was struggling, guaranteed a class peer would offer their support.

The class heavily emphasises on healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The students were learning about different food groups and nutrition during my visit.

Teacher’s assistant, Edwin Rodriguez said: “We have an amazing group. The students are very clever and always enthusiastic. Every single one of them works as a group and helps each other.

“Every student has improved their writing skills this year. Their writing is supported by pictures to help improve their learning.”

The school, in Carnforth Drive, Worcester, takes regular trips and partakes in outdoor activities. The students visit Sainsbury’s on a regular basis which allows them to become independent and build their confidence. It was a fun class to be in, as everyone was jolly and such keen learners.


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