A WOMAN fears the gas pipe outside her mum’s sheltered flat will explode after, she claims, binmen are damaging it during collections.

Joanne Brixton is worried the pipe feeding Fortis Living flats in Cranham Court where mum Jackie, 65, lives could begin to leak before long, following months of problems.

After reports were made to Fortis last summer the pipe was re-clipped but the mum and daughter think a cage or large bracket is needed, as the wire covering is still getting bashed and scuffed.

Joanne fears, at the very least, the gas supply will be cut off from the vulnerable residents or worse, “will cause a major explosion.”

“I have actually told a worker from one of the crews that it’s a gas pipe they’re hitting over and over, and he said ‘I’ll go tell my boss in the truck’ but I never heard anything after that,” said Joanne.

She said the issue has also been reported to the city council but a spokesman said: “We have no knowledge of this issue and are not aware of any evidence to support this claim.

“However, a waste service supervisor will visit Cranham Court to investigate.”

Clare Greensall, regional manager, communities and neighbourhoods (West) said: “Fortis Living were made aware of a gas pipe that needed re-clipping in August 2018. This was attended to and completed.

“Each home in Cranham Court has its own gas central heating system and we wouldn’t be able to say if the pipe was ruptured who might be affected.

“No other incidents or repairs have been reported since this time.”