AROUND 50 protestors gathered at County Hall to demand action on climate change.

The group said they were fed up at denial over climate change and wanted change now.

The group met at to entrance to the County Hall site in Spetchley Road just before 9am yesterday.

After an hour, they walked through the site to the entrance to the council building to continue their peaceful protest.

Police were at the protest but the atmosphere was peaceful with singing and dancing to music.

Gabby Hemming, 48, said: “I’m here as we need to take action to protect our natural environment, particularly our orchards.”

Allistair Waugh, 42, said: “We need to get the County council to declare a climate change emergency as we are heading towards a massive environmental disaster if we keep polluting the atmosphere.”

Chris Lewis-Fawley, 39, said: “By protesting, we can create change and we can make a difference by grasping the metal - it all starts at the individual level.”

Worcestershire County Council councillor for the Green Party, Mathew Jenkins, said: “A cultural shift needs to happen - we, as a society, have the technology to reduce carbon emissions."

Natalie Stoubos, 24, said: “We can’t have any more denial over climate change - we cant wait any longer and now is the time for change, not tomorrow.

Darren Naugh, 39, said: “This is to bring the issue to the people of Worcester, by getting the media involved to get the message out there.”

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