VILLAGERS are fed up with ongoing delays on work on a footpath.

The Orchards is a housing development located on Bransford Road - the main road through Rushwick.

As part of the site, Keir is working on a public footpath that runs adjacent to the estate.

However, Malvern Hills independent cllr Daniel Walton, whose ward includes Rushwick, said: “Keir Living has already put the noses of people in the village out in terms of the on-going building work.”

There is a footpath on the other side of the road to the development.

“During the day, building site vehicles are parked on the road, making it very difficult for people entering Bransford Road from Grange Lane.

“They need to get the footpath sorted out quickly and I’ll be doing my very best to get this issue resolved, “ Cllr Walton added.

Abigail Tiling, 44, who lives on Bransford Road, said: “This matter has been going on for some time.

“Actually, although I want the footpath finished, it’s slowing traffic in the village down, creating a kind of chicane, so in a strange way it’s making it safer.”

Kate Collins, 33, who lives on Grange Lane, said: “I’ve only moved to the village recently but I’ve not noticed any issue with the traffic in the morning caused by vehicles parked on Bransford Road - but I do leave for work before the rush hour.”

On the ‘Rushwick Village News’ public Facebook group, residents have spoken out.

Garrington Jones said: "The footpath along the Kier building site was due to start “imminently” two weeks ago they told local residents.

“Guess what. Nothing has happened." Sally Holloway said: “When I went to view the properties a sales women told me they have spent approx a million pound on landscaping - certainly not on the road or footpath.

“When I asked about the footpath she said they had to wait to plant things at the right times. Right now’s the right time.

“When are we getting rid of the horrible plastic barriers and our footpath so we might walk to our village hall?

“As with all promises made by developers, they are like chaff in the wind.”

Sonya Simpson said: “I sat in my car opposite what will be the car park for Rushwick Village Hall to observe the view and I do have to confess that I think the development does look like a concrete jungle and yes, a bit of an eyesore.”

David Henning, a spokesman for Keir Living, said: “We expect work to begin very soon on the footpath adjacent to The Orchards and have been working extensively with Worcester County Council to obtain the necessary permissions.”

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