A PIG who was found unconscious on the roadside is now settling down to a comfortable life in an animal sanctuary near Evesham.

The animal was found battered and bleeding on beside the M42 close to Bromsgrove last Thursday.

The RSPCA were called, who then summoned workers from the local council, who put him in a van, and a vet, who treated the pig for bleeding and severe bruising, as well as stress and fear.

At the time, it was not known if the pig would survive the night, but the animal rallied round, making a good recovery, and the next day he was taken to the Farm Animal Sanctuary at Middle Littleton.

Here, he was named Percy by staff who are caring for him.

Janet Taylor of the sanctuary said: "It appears that Percy was being transported illegally,

"He had no ear tags or tattoo, no identification, and no one has come forward to say they've lost a pig.

"It's very likely that he was being taken for illegal slaughter."

She said that Percy seems to be enjoying life at his new home.

She said: "He's quite a friendly pig and he seems contented. He enjoys eating apples and eating biscuits."

And she said that Percy has proved to be an immediate hit with the sanctuary's followers on its Facebook page.

She said: "We've had so many messages wishing him well and saying how pleased they were that he has found a nice home at last.

"People really seem to respond to pigs."

The Farm Animal Sanctuary, which was the first of its kind in the UK and has been open for some 25 years, now provides a home for more than 530 animals and birds which were rescued from abuse, neglect, slaughter and abandonment.

Supporters of the sanctuary are able to adopt individual animals to help fund their care, or simply make donations to the sanctuary as a whole.