GAME of Thrones, the show that launched the career of city actor Kit Harington, came to its thrilling conclusion on Monday.

The last episode of the final season was the subject of fierce debate among devoted fans, with a million even signing a petition for it to be remade. Although feeling rushed, for me it was a satisfying ending to one of the greatest television shows ever made.

And here's the key reasons why - and warning this contains major spoilers!

1. The horrors of war: For so much of the series Daenerys was on her crusade for the throne, and the show seemed to push you into forgiving her because 'she was killing bad people'.

But as she burned King's Landing, women and children included, and gave her latest Hitler-inspired speech, it was obvious she was a tyrant that had to be stopped.

2.  Aegon Targaryen/Jon Snow was never going to sit on the throne: Worcester's boy, although having a rightful claim to be king, was never the right man for the job.

But he is the key hero of the story as in killing Dany, and not trying to become ruler, he helped end the lottery of monarchy. Which leads me to:

3. Democracy in action: It's easy to forget in our times of constitution crisis, but this show reminded us democracy is the answer.

Yes, it wasn't proper democracy - Samwell Tarly was laughed at with that suggestion - but it was a start as the leaders chose Bran, and promised it was to be done this way in future.

You get the feeling true representative democracy was on its way to Westeros.

4. Compromise: It was all a compromise of course and you felt at this point in the story that was what the survivors of war all wanted.

Kit Harington character's fate was the perfect illustration of that - in being allowed to live, but banished to the North, that was a compromise pleasing none of the key players, but solving a key issue.

5. Independence at Winterfell: Sansa getting her wish for the North's independence from the Seven Kingdoms also made sense.

Having fought the Great War, the people earned the right to choose that destiny.

Overall for me the final episode and series eight delivered, and given time those critical now will likely change their mind about how the story played out.