THE blood-stained victim of a vicious knife attack was filmed with his ear hanging off as he told police 'he was my mate and he tried to murder me!'

Police body worn camera footage showing the immediate aftermath of the attack was played to a jury at Worcester Crown Court yesterday.

Richard Smith admits grievous bodily harm with intent but the 32-year-old denies attempted murder following the attack upon former friend James Gillott at the victim's home in North Malvern Road, Malvern, on November 13 last year.

The court heard that Smith, a known drug user with borderline personality disorder, claimed the victim and his friend Jack Spacie had 'hacked his computer', believing they had installed ransomware to extort money by recording photos of him masturbating.

Smith struck Mr Gillott with a storage heater and stabbed him in the head, neck, back and hands but denies he intended to kill his victim.

The footage shows a distressed Mr Gillott sitting on his bed holding a towel to his head as he tells officers 'he stabbed me in the head!' and 'he's smashed me with a radiator'.

Mr Gillott can be heard saying: "I thought he was my mate and he tried to murder me."

One of the officers at the scene was PC Wayne Waldron, the same officer who had tried to help the defendant two days before the attack after he called 999. Smith told the operator 'they had their chance to help me and now some serious crimes are gonna happen'. He also said he intended to commit suicide.

PC Waldron, who met the defendant, said he 'seemed paranoid' and his pupils were dilated which made him think he may have taken drink or drugs. PC Waldron tried to assist by calling the mental health crisis team (although he could not get through) and also successfully persuaded Smith to return to his parents's address.

He also offered to call paramedics but said Smith told him he 'didn't want to waste their time'.

Two days later he arrived at Mr Gillott's home to find blood splattered on the walls and the victim 'with his skin falling away' and 'quite significant damage behind the ear', a stab wound behind the neck and the handle of a knife with the blade snapped off lying on the floor. He said the victim told him: "He was my mate and this is how he repays me."

Witness PC Adam Moreton arrived at the scene at around 11.44pm, attempting to staunch the flow of blood.

He told the jury: "His ear was hanging off."

The officer accompanied Mr Gillott to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, taking photographs of his injuries including what he believed were defensive wounds to his hands.

He added: "There was blood coming from everywhere, all down his face and particularly around the ear where the skin had peeled off."

The jury was shown photos of the injuries in the immediate aftermath of the attack and later photos after his head had been been stitched and stapled.

Further body worn footage was played showing Mr Gillott in a hospital bed with his face covered in blood as he recounted the attack, telling officers: "He just turned. He suddenly turned absolutely schizophrenic."

The victim added: "It was so vicious and out of the blue I didn't have time to defend myself or anything."

PC Jonathan Love described how the home of Smith's parents in Dixey Court, next door to the victim's one bedroom flat in North Malvern Road, was surrounded by firearms officers and that Smith came outside and was arrested at 11.52pm. Blood-stained clothing was seized from inside including socks, trainers, jogging bottoms, a puffer jacket and a baseball cap with the help of Smith's parents.

In custody Smith was described as slumping over in the toilet and had to be given oxygen and an injection to counteract the effect of any drugs he may have taken, causing him to regain consciousness.

An ambulance had to be called to take him to Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester which the officer confirmed was a genuine 'medical emergency'.

The defendant's mother had described to police how he came home with blood splattered on his face and her initial thought was that her son had harmed himself and also referred to his 'fixed, trance-like state' which she said 'frightened her'.

The trial continues.