BECOMING a university student often means moving away from home for the first time – but it’s not an excuse to make the lives of your new neighbours a living hell.

Anyone who has been to university will tell you a student’s life revolves around hard work but often harder partying – and why not? Part of the attraction of choosing university over immediate full-time employment is that sense of liberation.

However, while these guys are coming home at all hours following midweek student nights, working families with young children are trying to sleep.

As a student, you exist in a bubble for three or more years – and sometimes you forget when you’re not on campus you’re living in a neighbourhood that existed before you and will be there long after you’ve left.

These people don’t want to hear you chanting at all hours or loudly discussing your sexual conquests over the fence on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

What's allegedly going on in St John's around Hawkwood Crescent is out of hand and needs the landlords to step in or face the consequences.