MORE people could soon be living on boats in a city marina.

Councillors backed a plan to increase the number of moorings in Diglis Basin Marina used as permanent homes from 20 to 42.

The decision pushes the percentage of the marina’s 110 moorings which can be used for boat homes from a fifth to 38 per cent.

Councillor Bill Amos said the plan was a “very sound proposal” and said the impact would be minimal.

He said: “It adds another supply of small and relatively cheap housing to the city’s affordable stock. It’s a neat and tidy development.

“It’s in a sustainable location and well connected to the city’s infrastructure and transport networks.”

Residential moorings are for leaseholders who use the marina as a year-round home.

Owners have their own address and are liable to pay council tax. Residential moorings also require planning permission.

City council planners approved 20 residential moorings in 2011 and are dotted around both inner and outer basins of the marina.

Other moorings - used for leisure - are for boat owners who do not live permanently on their boats and have to prove they live somewhere else permanently away from the marina.

Nevertheless, the leisure moorings can be used on any occasion and can be lived in from time to time - in the same way a holiday home would be used.

Currently, the marina has 29 car parking spaces - seven for leisure moorings and 22 for boat home owners - as well as 34 spaces on the opposite side of Diglis Road.

The new plan includes handing over 28 car parking spaces more to residents.

A number of objections were raised about the plan by neighbours leading to Cllr Lynn Denham calling the application to the committee. Many of the neighbours were concerned by the lack of parking.