PUPILS at Regency High School enjoyed an informative talk about newspapers and the media from Worcester News reporter Grace Walton, who was welcomed as a guest speaker.

The students, who require additional support, enjoyed meeting Grace, who told them all about her job role.

Grace spoke during an interactive school assembly which was based on the broad field of journalism and how newspapers are created. The pupils enthusiastically asked questions throughout and were keen to learn more about what is involved in the media and aspects such as how stories are generated.

Grace spoke about the interviewing process and where stories can be found, such as from council meetings, the police, social media or in schools, and how stories are formed.

Assistant headteacher, Merie Eglesfield, began with a PowerPoint presentation on what is defined as news and provided slides on the different elements in a newspaper.

Pupils shared with their peers where to find the different elements in the paper and the important factors that need to be included in a news story.

The school in Carnforth Drive, Warndon, was featured in the education sector of Worcester News’ In the Classroom feature during the week before Grace’s visit, providing a good opportunity to introduce the paper to the pupils and allow them to see themselves in a story.

The assembly was interactive and pupils were given a good understand of the industry.

Mrs Eglesfield added: “Assemblies like this give our pupils an understanding of the journalism and how newspapers are created.

“It provides them with a deeper awareness to the world around them, the world of work and life beyond school.

“For our pupils to see how a story, a photo and an interview ends up in the newspaper; as well as having the opportunity to meet a real-life reporter, was inspirational. We are so very grateful to Grace and Worcester News in the work they are doing.”


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