THE Library at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College literally came alive as seven local authors and illustrators created a “Living Library.” 

The Library was buzzing with activity as they talked to a total of sixty students in Years 7 in groups of 4 for ten minutes each, and then the students moved onto the next guest in “speed date” fashion. 

Students gained insight into the lives and work of each author, as well as receiving advice about their own creative writing and drawing. 

The writers were impressed with the students and Kevin Brooke, the school's Patron of Reading, said that the students were engaging, friendly and welcoming as always.

Sera Bryant, illustrator, said she had an amazing time seeing both the other authors and the students.

The event was organised by Linda Bromyard, college librarian, who thanked the writers for giving their time freely.

They included Suz Winspear, Mogs, Kevin Brooke, Seraphim Bryant, Chas Eden, Chris Horn and Ann Evans.

It took place on Monday, May 20.