THIS photo shows a man “drunkenly” climbing the scaffolding to a building in Worcester last night.

A Worcester resident, who didn't want to be named, claims there were “plenty of drunk people being rude and trying to start fights and then there’s this silly daredevil drunkenly climbing some scaffolding."

He claims the man was climbing the scaffolding to a building near Dominos, in Upper Tything, at around 8.45pm.

The resident said he saw a lot of people out in town after Ladies Day at Worcester Racecourse, adding: "It’s clear the alcohol was flying fast because by about 5.30pm there were just so inebriated people standing outside of bars and pubs all along Foregate Street to Upper Tything, many of whom just would not make way for those trying to walk by."

He claims he saw a group of men squaring up to each other outside a bar where punches were thrown, although none of them connected.

He added: "I personally had to walk in the road as whole groups of drunken guys walked directly at me, chests puffed out, looking to intimidate.

"I know everyone’s welcome to have a good time, and it’s not like I’ve never gone out for a drink either, it’s just the sheer volume of people and combined testosterone and alcohol makes me wonder if everyone taking part in the national pastime of getting drunk in the evening is such a good idea."