A MILITARY husband has created a blog for the male spouses of people serving in the armed forces to feel recognised.

Chris Keen, from Worcester, launched his broadcasting career on Youthcomm Radio, BBC Hereford and Worcester and Free Radio, before moving to the Falkland Islands with his wife Major Kelly.

Mr Keen started The Military Husband blog to offer other military husbands’ advice, such as don’t get jealous because 'your wife is going to be spending a lot of time with other men' in the male dominated field.

He added: “When people assume I’m the one serving it’s just annoying more than anything. It shows a lack of understanding from people that women do serve in our armed forces and do an amazing job as well.”

The 30-year-old said he has been invited to the Wives Clubs, Ladies Dinner Nights and gets called ‘the wife’. He started the blog in January because he felt there was not enough representation for military husbands.

He added: “A few comments I’ve received are to ‘stop moaning and just create a military husbands club’ - However the point is that I don’t want to do that because it would then alienate the wives. My aim is to be all inclusive with ‘a military spouses club’ rather than a husbands or wives club."

Mr Keen said the blog is meant to be light-hearted, adding: “I try to include a bit of military humour into the blog which will hopefully help somebody ease into this community.”

Mr Keen, who works for the British Forces Broadcasting Services, claims it is his mission to change the names of any wives club to a gender neutral named club, after saying: “There are a lot of activities that go on within the community that are aimed at the spouses… you will find that many of these clubs are named as the wives clubs.”


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