A MAN has spoken of his shock when he bit into a McDonald's burger and discovered a dead snail.

The burger was delivered by UberEats from the McDonald's in Hylton Road, Worcester, and Aiden Griffiths said both are blaming each other for the slimy surprise.

The 24-year-old said he had treated himself to a South Carolina Stack, costing £4.39, and a double cheeseburger and McFlurry at 7pm on Thursday.

It was delivered to his home in Maple Avenue, Tolladine, within 30 minutes.

He bit into the bun but immediately spotted the snail and quickly spat out the contents.

He said: "Perched in between the bun and the patty I found a snail.

"It certainly was a shock, a bit disappointing too because obviously it's a brand we are supposed to be able to trust.

"I contacted McDonald's and the manager there was helpful and said he had "escalated my concern".

"Can't fault him - maybe fault the staff for neglecting to see this "concern" while constructing this delightful meal.

"As I began to tap away at the phone screen inputting to UberEats 'there was a snail...in my burger', they gave me a refund."

Mr Griffiths said he was quickly given the refund but after sending an e-mail to McDonald's Customer Service to highlight the problem and ensure it wouldn't be repeated, he was bemused when they said it was UberEats fault, despite the food arriving in a sealed bag from the restaurant which he said clearly had not been tampered with by the driver.

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"The food is from McDonald's - it was lovingly cooked, hand crafted with the utmost of care and attention, aside from le escargot, the snail," he said.

"Surely, it's McDonald's' fault.

"I called UberEats to which they say I have to submit another help ticket detailing why I am annoyed with this and why I don't feel like I got a form of resolution from a refund.

"I hope that I can get a little bit more of a resolution from my situation than being flung back and forth between these two.

"I doubt I'll be in a McDonald's anytime soon."

He paid £2.50 for the delivery.

UberEats refunded the full amount of the meal and delivery.

Mr Griffiths added he was keeping the meal, which includes the snail, in his freezer as evidence.

UberEats were unavailable for comment.

A spokesman for McDonald's said: “We are disappointed to hear this customer’s experience was not a positive one. We have found no evidence that this originated in the restaurant or in the delivery process, however, UberEATS has refunded the full cost of the customer’s meal and their delivery charge.”

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