A WOMAN who found used syringes in a popular Worcester park says it has made her ‘blood boil’.

Beckie Wall, from Worcester, discovered used syringes on the floor ‘very close’ to the children’s play area in Cripplegate Park, in Tybridge Street.

Miss Wall, aged 26 said: “I understand people use drugs but for God sake do it with respect for others and don’t go leaving stuff like this lying around in places. Especially next to a children’s park. A child can see a bright orange syringe on the floor and pick it up. This could have some awful consequence and involve a lot of heartbreak.

“I would never forgive myself if I sat back and did nothing and allowed a child to pick up a needle and hurt themselves. These syringes could carry anything, like hepatitis. It made my blood boil. It is awful.”

Miss Wall says she was upset to find the used syringes, adding: “I was shocked to be honest. I wouldn’t expect to see this sort of thing at Cripplegate Park. You see fag ends and bottles after the weekend, but not needles.

“I was going to organise a way to dispose of them myself safely as I couldn’t settle knowing they are so close to where children are playing, and people are walking their dogs."

Councillor Richard Udall said: “I haven’t previously heard of this issue in Cripplegate Park. I would be concerned if this is an ongoing issue in the area. If this is the case, we need to ensure security and protection is put in place to isolate the issue.”

A city council spokesman said: “The council received a report about discarded syringes in Cripplegate Park at 11.50am on Friday 31 May. We have a commitment to respond to service requests such as this within 24 hours and in this case the drugs paraphernalia was removed before 2.30pm on the same day." If you spot discarded drug materials you can report it at www.worcester.gov.uk/report-it.


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