A COUNCILLOR says they were "lucky" after a tree came crashing down just feet from his house overnight.

St Peter's parish councillor Alan Tidy says the tree was blown down in the strong winds near his home in Stuart Rise, due to Storm Miguel that hit the county overnight.

Cllr Tidy said: "It was 12.30am and I was on my way to bed, when I heard a loud noise.

"I looked out the front and saw greenery on the drive. I realised it had come down.

"My wife was asleep, and neighbours also didn't realise.

"It came down just feet away from our house, cars and a fence.

"It is blessing really no one was injured, and who knows what damage it could have caused if it had come down going in another direction.

"We have been lucky."

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Cllr Tidy said when he went out to check this morning, he realised the tree must have been unstable as the roots were rotted.

"The tree came down at the junction," he said.

"Stuart Rise is a cul-de-sac, so there was eight of us blocked in here.

"Highways did a good job, they were quick to come out and it was cut up and taken away this afternoon."

The county has appeared to miss the worst of Storm Miguel, that caused the deaths of three people on a rescue ship in the Atlantic on Friday and flash flooding overnight in some parts of the UK.

Weather warnings for rain and thunderstorms that had been issued by the Met Office for Worcestershire are now no longer in place, and the forecast is for sunshine for the rest of today and tomorrow.