THERE were mixed feelings among readers after the city council backed an international-standard hockey facility.

Some said the city should ‘get behind’ the Hockey stadium, while others would prefer to see a new football stadium for homeless Worcester City.

The comments came after Worcester City Council’s Policy and Resources Committee agreed a £2.1 million loan and 30-year lease at a peppercorn rent on land in Old Porcelain Ground, giving RGS Worcester and Worcester Hockey Club the chance to transform the area.

Worcester City, homeless since 2013 and proposing a new ground in Perdiswell, later released a statement saying it would welcome “a similar level of support for the football facility.”

Allan Maund said: “Wouldn’t that location been ideal for WCFC,” while Luke Shaw said: “Worcester City only want the land to build a new stadium and it’s ignored. But we will blow £2 million on this.”

Martyn Wood said: “So Worcester council can give a £2m loan, but cannot build a stadium for Worcester City Football or give them any land.”

Michael Follett said: “Let the fans buy a new ground. It may sound harsh, but football is a business, and needs to be sustainable without handouts.”

Matt Gardner said: “Hockey is the third most played sport in the world. More than rugby, golf, tennis etc. Hockey has been under funded and provided for and this is brilliant step to rectify this. GB Women are the current Olympic champions in the sport and the men third in the “World Pro League. A sport our country is good at with proven performance. Hockey is one of the most accessible sports with equality across gender, age, race, ability and more. Get behind it.”

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One online Worcester News reader said: “I’m all for more sports facilities in the city and I think this is good news for Worcester in the bigger scheme of things but am still confused. Two applications from sports clubs, both roughly the same size. One rejected when there were no grounds to reject, proven on appeal, yet the other is approved.”

Rachel Broxton added: “Cuts are being made to vital services and people are losing jobs and yet a loan of £2m is given.”