A YOUTH group in Worcester has set up new football and dance teams with the help of a local councillor.

Earlier this year, young people from the youth club in Dines Green contacted Councillor Richard Udall asking for help to set up the groups.

Since then, Cllr Udall has used his divisional fund to set up the two clubs, and says they are "really going places."

Cllr Udall said: "It is hugely encouraging that the boys and girls came to us asking for the clubs.

"They were a real driving force behind getting them set up and helped design their logos and kits.

"We are really excited and we are hoping that we can come to an agreement for the dance group to perform at Sixways at half time next season."

The football club, which is called Dines Green FC, is looking for opponents after ordering its first kit.

Cllr Udall added: "The kit has been ordered but is not quite ready yet, so the big reveal will be coming soon.

"As for the football, one of the most popular parts of the youth group has always been playing football so we are hoping we can find some opposition as soon as possible.

"One of the big challenges we are facing is how diverse the age group is, being 11 to 18 year-olds so it would be difficult to fit into any leagues, but I am sure someone out there will have a team we can play.

"You never know, there may even be some future England internationals among the players at Dines Green.

"The important point is that, if you don't do anything like this, you will never know."