DRAMATIC footage of a confrontation between a doorman and a drunken clubgoer has emerged.

A short clip of a security guard from Shakeeys takeaway wrestling an intoxicated male to the ground in Angel Street was shot in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The drunken man just misses hitting his head on the street, after being tripped by the doorman in the scuffle.

The video provider, who did not wish to be named but who had been in Velvet nightclub, said the man seemed to be causing a commotion in the takeaway about 4.30am.

WARNING: The video contains strong language

“The bouncer appeared to be being heavy-handed with the man at first glance, but I don’t know exactly what had started it all off.

“I’d left Shakeeys a couple of minutes before and was about to get a taxi when I noticed it kicking off inside at the counter,” continued the witness.

He said the man was dragged out of the takeaway in a robust manner, before he began filming, with the video appearing to show the guard trip the man outside.

“The guy was very drunk and got very emotional afterwards as he continued to protest outside with his friends.

“It was much more lively before I started filming, but I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough.”

The video shows the doorman then re-enter the takeaway and alongside a staff member close the main doors, with customers still inside eating.

“The doorman had to protect himself and get the man out of the shop.

“But having said that, he could have quite easily hit his head on the street and been seriously injured.”