THE row over young people cycling dangerously in the city centre shows no sign of abating – not when police have started seizing bikes from offenders.

When the whole issue arose as a matter of public concern, several weeks ago, it didn’t take long for some voices to be raised declaring that those who were criticising the young people were merely being “killjoys”, out to spoil their innocent fun.

However, this just doesn’t hack it. The young people being complained about are putting themselves and other people in danger.

Pulling wheelies and other stunts in city streets full of cars and other powered vehicles, and full of pedestrians as well, is just plan stupid.

It is not a legitimate hobby or pastime, such as off-road cycling.

And if it goes on, it will invariably see someone killed or, at the very least, grievously injured.

That person might be one of the cyclists, getting caught under the wheels of a motor vehicle.

Or in might be a pedestrian - perhaps a child or a pensioner - who gets hit by one of the riders.

Either way, recriminations and accusations will be hurled in all directions and there will be those calling for the head of the driver, if a cyclist is killed, or of the cyclist, if a pedestrian is killed

No one is suggesting that the cyclists are setting out to cause mayhem.

But they are young people, mostly teenage males, not a demographic known for its caution.

And as a result they end up showing off to each other and behaving in ways that attract the justifiable disapproval of other members of the community.

It seems reasonable to take action to prevent outcomes like those outlined above.

And the action now being taken by the authorities seems reasonably proportionate.

As said above, young people will take risks. But there are ways to channel that risk-taking, such as encouraging them into sports such as off-road cycling, mentioned above.

If facilities for such pursuits are not available locally, perhaps it is time for the relevant public body to look into ways and means of providing them.

That way we can have the best of both worlds: a safe city and teens letting off steam.