The Baroque Theatre Company is on tour with Ariel Dorfman’s award-winning, smash hit play, Death and the Maiden.

And the good news is, The Swan Theatre in Worcester is on the list.

A spokesman said: "The award-winning London smash hit play (and subsequent 1994 feature film) Death and the Maiden is revived in this thrilling production from Baroque Theatre Company. Gripping high drama with great intensity, this is a unique and first-rate thriller.

"Set in an unnamed country that is emerging from a totalitarian dictatorship, the play explores the after effects of repression on hearts and souls in vivid and compelling style."

Paulina Escobar's husband Gerardo is to head an investigation into past human rights abuses. Paulina is convinced that the powerful and charismatic Dr Miranda supervised her abuse as a political prisoner. Conflict ensues as their lives cross paths and Paulina, gun in hand, captures the doctor and puts him on trial.

But Escobar doesn't know whether to believe his distraught wife or his persuasive new friend.

The spokesman added: "This thrilling drama challenges audiences to judge guilt or innocence as they are confronted with a tragedy that has no clear solution. Sadly, in a world populated with dictatorships and human rights violations, it is as relevant today as when first written. It is a narrative of how victims subjected to unjust violence struggle to heal.

"Written by human rights activist Ariel Dorfman, whose works have been translated into more than 40 languages, Death and the Maiden won the Olivier Award for Best New Play in 1992 and has since been adapted to both film and opera. This exclusive UK tour is helmed by award-winning director Adam Morley and producer Claire Bibby. They lead a phenomenal professional cast, comprising Andrew Fettes (Gerardo Escobar) and Keith Hill (Roberto Miranda), with Claire Bibby playing Paulina Salas."

The dates for the diary are June 28 and June 29.

Tickets: 01905 611427