IF you think that healing the nation is the job of NHS doctors, think again.

In these Brexit-wounded times, comic Andy Parsons has taken the mantle unto himself, or at least he has a toy dog in a flag.

Whatever. He has an autumn date at the Theatre Chipping Norton. But what has brought on his messianic mission, with a dog?

He said: “It was June 24, 2016, and I found myself contemplating a supermarket meal deal. I only wanted a sandwich and I only needed a sandwich but given that I could get a snack and a drink for only 5p more it seemed financially irresponsible not to. I had spent so long pondering the EU Referendum result from the day before that I was now in a rush. The lad on the till scanned the first two items no problem but the third item, he couldn’t get to scan at all. I thought: this is going to be a nightmare. But he went ‘bip’ himself and chucked it through. And I thought: “Oh, we’ll be alright as a country we will.”

The date is September 27.

Tickets: https://www.chippingnortontheatre.com/