WORCESTER'S MP says he's 'appalled' that triple child killer David McGreavy has been released from prison.

Conservative MP Robin Walker has condemned the decision to release 68-year-old McGreavy, who killed three young siblings in Worcester in 1973 before impaling their bodies on railings outside their home.

Mr Walker said: "I am appalled that he has been released and have been pushing for him not to be released since I became MP.

"At the time I took office, Mike Foster (the former Labour MP for Worcester) told me that this was such an important issue and to make sure I kept pushing against any decision to be released.

"We said at the time that if he were to be released, we would have to ensure there were very strict restrictions placed on him."

Mr Walker confirmed that McGreavy will be made to wear an electronic tag and will be living in supervised accommodation.

In addition, he is banned from Worcester as well as the area where Ms Urry and her family live.

Mr Walker continued: "I have always been of the view that he should never have been released. When he was found guilty in 1973 there was no such thing as a full life tariff whereas if he had been convicted of it now he would have been given one.

"I am still appalled by the decision and I am sure the people of Worcester feel the same way as it was a shocking crime.

"I have been informed that if he looks even close to breaching his release conditions or going anywhere near the restricted areas, he will be taken back into custody, which is a small consolation."

The mother of the three children, Elsie Urry, revealed on Tuesday morning that McGreavy had been released from prison after serving 46 years.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Urry said: "They said he was going in for life and then they changed it for (a minimum of) 20 years (per murder), but he hasn't done 60 years.

"He took three lives, not just one or two – three."

Ms Urry said the restrictions on where McGreavy can go "give me a bit of peace of mind, but it is still not fair he has been released after what he has done".

"There's other prisoners that haven't done half as bad as what he did to my children and they haven't been put up for parole, so what has made him be able to get parole?"

McGreavy was lodging with the family in 1973 when he murdered Paul Ralph, aged four, Dawn, aged two, and nine-month-old Samantha, at their Worcester home.

He had been babysitting the children at their home in Gilliam Street when he killed them and impaled their bodies outside on a neighbour’s fence.

Worcester residents have spoken out against the release of the murderer.

On Facebook, Worcester News reader Debbie Evans wrote: "I still remember this horrific case so well from my childhood. Can't even look at Gillam Street without thinking about it. I can't believe the monster is out."

Another reader, Lisa Lloyd, wrote: "It makes no difference whether he’s banned from Worcester or not, what he did was cruel beyond belief.

"I’m not a religious person but I pray he doesn’t reoffend."