SIR – Getting older, I’m not so nimble.

I watched the Queen trooping in colours. Do you believe folk should retire? I do.

She’s been on throne since the fifties, if the King is looking down reckons he’d be angry.

Choosing summer swelter time for the birthday party, I’m glad it wasn’t that hot as a 93-year-old quite frail woman was in a carriage resembling for me a gilded cage.

In the streets she’d have seen folks all waving unlikely ever to met.

I felt sorry for her, all that fuss stuck in the shiny buggy thing – I wouldn’t like that for my mum.

This land I live in sure has some odd ways in which we wave at folks we’ve never met.

If I waved at you and didn’t know you me, you’d think me nuts.

You’ll have to decide, perhaps as a national characteristic we should always wave at one another, say from trains.

David Griffiths