WHEN triple child killer David McGreavy was released from prison, residents of Worcester voiced their anger at the decision.

It is a tragedy that under modern law, if he committed the same horrific acts in 2019, he would get a life sentence, but in 1973 he could not.

It is scant consolation to the family of those three murdered children that he is electronically tagged and under close supervision, as well as being banned from Worcester and the area in which Elsie Urry, the mother of the children, now lives.

This man stole the lives of three innocent children, as well as forever changing and damaging the lives of their relatives.

We have a rehabilitative justice system, one which believes that, once someone has served their sentence, they can re-join society, but in this case, surely these acts are so heinous that they can never be atoned for.

Robin Walker, and his predecessor Mike Foster, were right to ensure that McGreavy will never be allowed into Worcester again, as there is no place for people who have committed these acts in society.