FRUSTRATED residents in a street near Worcester say the road surface is "like a ploughed field".

Christine Avenue in Rushwick has been highlighted as badly in need of resurfacing for both the road and pavements, with bumps and deep potholes.

Resident William Lewis, aged 87, said: “Waking on the pavement is not easy as I use a walking stick.

“I still drive a car so that’s my way of getting out of Rushwick.

“A neighbour near to me struggles to get out and if she needs to go somewhere, I’m happy to give her a lift.”

Mr Lewis’s granddaughter, Maria Lewis, 25, said: “I’m learning to drive and when I drive on this road it’s like driving on a ploughed field.”

Independent district councillor for Broadheath, Daniel Walton, who represents Rushwick, said: “I went down Christine Avenue when I was campaigning for election and I’ve had many people complain to me about the state of the road and footpaths.

“It’s like walking on the moon with all the craters.

“I’ve never known paths as bad and they are a real danger that’s being ignored.”

Christine Avenue also lacks street lighting, making walking at night difficult, particularly for residents who are visually impaired.

Residents have also taken to social media to comment.

Jim Wyatt said: “ They’re [Worcestershire County Council] supposed to be doing the pavements in Christine Avenue and they have put some markings down but I don’t know if it’s all the pavement or just patching.

“The rest of Rushwick seem to get their roads and pavements completely done.

“From what I can remember, Christine Avenue has had one lot of surface dressing done in 30 years and the pavements haven’t been touched.”

Jackie Turner said: “I think there are far worse roads and pavements with much more use than Christine Avenue - priorities!”

“I feel the road and pavements are desperate to be resurfaced in Christine Avenue as they are so uneven, “ said Pauline Furlong.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council, which is responsible for the road, said: “Christine Avenue is part of our regular inspection schedule.

“In response to concerns we will add an extra inspection to assess the area’s safety.”