ACCLAIMED Irish band Lúnasa are have a Worcestershire date this month.

On fact, they will be performing at the Artix in Bromsgrove on Tuesday, June 25, to show to a local audience how and why they have sold more that a quarter of a million albums in their time.

A spokesman said: "This quintet’s intricate, groove-driven acoustic sound makes them one of Celtic music’s most highly regarded modern instrumental groups.

"Revered like rock stars back home in Ireland, Lùnasa take traditional Irish instruments, fiddle, pipes, flute and guitar and shift them into rhythmic overdrive with intricate arrangements."

Lúnasa is composed of Kevin Crawford (flutes, low whistles and tin whistles), Trevor Hutchinson (double bass), Ed Boyd (guitar), Seán Smyth (fiddle and low whistle) and Cillian Vallely (uilleann pipes and low whistles).

The spokesman added: "Lúnasa have sold more than quarter of a million albums in the course of the band’s career and boast an impressive back catalogue of 7 highly acclaimed and award-winning studio albums.

"The band continues to explore new directions in the world of Irish traditional music."

Kevin Crawford added: "Thankfully, the huge melting pot of music that exists within the Irish tradition allows us to seek out exciting and unexplored melodies that work for a band like ourselves.

"This combined with the newer self composed pieces and strong belief in what we do help to keep both the band and the tradition very much alive and kicking.”

Referencing their latest music in particular, Seán Smyth adds: “As for the future, there are many, many musical journeys left open to us."

Tickets: or call Box Office on 01527 577 330.