THIS photo shows a mass pile of debris next to Worcester Bridge after it was washed down the River Severn.

Jacqueline Tonge, a volunteer from Herefordshire Wildlife and Countryside Conservation, called the rubbish ‘disgusting’ and said it ruined the city's 'iconic riverside'.

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She added: “The river is absolutely filled with plastic rubbish. A complete window was dumped there with glass in it.

“It is in the news right now about plastic waste and the damage it has on our planet. Something needs to desperately be done.”

She added: “I think it makes Worcester look like a third world city. It doesn’t do it any favours whatsoever. Coming up to the holiday season many people visit Worcester. It is a beautiful city and the river is iconic, however it has been ruined.”

The Environment Agency has been made aware of the debris build-up by Worcester Bridge and say once it is safe to do so, they will clear it.

Miss Tonge, aged 57, claims she found over 70 bottles in the pile of rubbish, along with bottles, debris, a double-glazed unit and three footballs.

Elizabeth Williams, aged 45, an environmental campaigner from Worcester, said: “It’s heart breaking that every bit of plastic waste blocked by the bridge could kill something and it all adds to the pile in the ocean.”

A spokesman from Herefordshire Wildlife and Countryside Conservation added: “It was disgusting. This rubbish will be pushed down the Severn, from Worcester and eventually to the sea, where it could have a devastating impact on oceans, fish and mammals, and this sort of thing is what is causing the devastation to other counties and floating plastic swamps.

“Some local people told us it had all come down from Wales and nothing to do with them and that it’s the same every time the river gets in flood.”

Steve Edgar, Worcestershire flood asset manager from the Environment Agency said: “We’re aware of debris collecting upon the Worcester Bridge. Although unsightly it is not significantly increasing the flood risk to Worcester at this time.

“With the amount of rain we’ve seen in the last week, the river is flowing very high and fast, so as soon as it is safe, we’ll work with our partners Worcestershire County Council and the Canal and River Trust to clear the debris.”


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