PEOPLE have been rallying around a pensioner who was punched in the face in an unprovoked road rage attack.

Royston Tippin, aged 79, who was assaulted after he verbally responded to a driver who shouted abuse at him, said he was amazed at the amount of people who have been in touch.

But he stressed he didn't want revenge attacks.

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Mr Tippin, from Worcester, said: “With how I feel now, it wouldn’t bother me if he dropped down dead. He’s just a coward.

“This guy ought to be taught a lesson. A lot of people have said they want to get him. They’re furious. I told them not to be silly, I don’t want them getting into trouble.

“It’s unreal the comebacks that I’ve been getting. I’m well known in Worcester. Everyone knows me as ‘Tippo.’

“People have been getting in touch with me all day and when people see me, they have asked what happened. Everyone is shocked.”

He added: “I might be about 5’ 3” but I don’t back down to anyone. I backed down to this one though because he was a monster. I had my seat belt on, so I had no chance.

"My face looks ridiculous today. It has gotten worse. The bruising has spread to my chin and left side of my nose. I’ve got a slight headache now too.

“I’ve been really neglected in terms of the police. I know they’re shorthanded, but I called 999 right after the attack and they told me to go down to the station the next day to report it.”

As we reported yesterday, the attack happened on Father’s Day (Sunday June 16) in Ambleside Drive, near to the Co-op in Warndon Villages.”

Mr Tippin says he won’t be driving for a few days, adding: “I only have one eye at the moment. I am having a job opening it.”

Worcester News readers have posted a host of supportive messages to Mr Tippin and his family.

Laura King said: “This is absolutely vile. I hope this man makes a full recovery and suffers no ill effects. Violence towards anyone is wholly unacceptable, especially to a man nearly in his 80’s. I can’t believe we are living in a society like this.”

James Freeman, who knows Mr Tippin added: “Roy is the nicest chap about. Hope they catch the coward who attacks the elderly. What a disgrace.”

South Worcestershire Police stressed they took the matter seriously and were investigating the case.

A spokesman said: "We would like to wish Mr Tippin a full recovery."


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